About us

Polymath & Boffin Limited is a business solutions development company, focused on assisting clients attain a higher level of security and return from their business.

Polymath & Boffin is a business development and outsource business management partner.

Our core product: an analytical exercise composed of a sequence of tasks, that gives a business concrete direction based on facts and figures, to reach their market potential, optimise the use of available capital, and become investor friendly.

This focus on business development, gives all types of businesses access to quantitative and statistical techniques, probably constituting to a unique offering, essentially giving business development on a corporate level a flare of investment banking. Our experience in business intelligence, analytics, modelling, and in preparing projects for investment, working with some of the most renowned institutions on the planet, allows us the confidence and credibility to undertake very demanding projects. We are humbled and grateful to our clients, for their trust vested in us, allowing for a record of great results to be achieved.

We understand and respect that through our work, we are bridging the gap between corporates and investors, and this carries a great deal of social responsibility. Established in January 2011, amidst the World’s worst financial and economic crisis of recent times, times iconized by lack of access to credit and diminished consumer demand, we set our objectives at beating the tide of misfortune by assisting clients capitalize on opportunities when everyone else was jumping ship. Values of social responsibility are routed within our core, which values constitute the entirety of our pride, and we feel it is best represented by our slogan: Ad Progressum Hominum.

Polymath & Boffin


Our values drive all our decisions


Clear in objectives, honest and transparent, is what we practice and expect from our partners.

This ensures our consistency of character, actions, methods, principles and expectations.

Self & Mutual Respect

Humility and self-respect, confident in our abilities. Mutual respect is a foundation for a productive cooperation with integrity.

Good ethics

Decisions are taken on the basis of the company's vision with integrity and respect, but also in consideration of good ethical values.

Our decisions are taken on the basis of clear understanding of laws and regulation, with respect for society, the environment, race, sex or religion. Conscious that our decisions individually and collectively determine our success and sustainability of success.


Tim Griffiths

CEO at International Project Developers

Chris and I have worked on a number of international projects together. I have been impressed by his innovative approach, his infectious enthusiasm and his ability to source some very interesting transactions.

Gregor L. Wallimann

CEO at Fairmont Wealth Management

I highly recommend Mr. Vella, without doubt I believe that he will be a great contribution to most Institutions seeking to grow progressively and diligently on the international market.